Can I replace my existing rod handle with a Winn Fishing Grip?

Yes. After removing the existing grip, your rod can be retrofitted with Winn Grips.

How do I install and secure Winn Grips onto my fishing rod?

Winn Grips can be installed either on a new rod build or after removal of a pre-existing rod grip assembly. To secure the grip components to the rod blanks, the standard convention is with the use of epoxy glue. An alternative method is with the use of two-sided tape and mineral spirits. This method has been proven to be just as effective. Please visit SUPPORT/GRIP REPLACEMENT for detailed information.

How do I fit my Winn Grips onto the rod blank if it has a smaller or larger outside diameter (O.D.) than Winn Grip’s inside diameter (I.D.)?

Please note that Winn Grip’s underlayment is made of firm EVA material. This material has the ability to compress which allows for a tight installation assembly.
The diameters of the components do not have to be exact, but should be close enough to fit snug when installed.
• If the rod blank OD is LARGER than the Grip ID, reaming the Grip’s center hole is required to achieve a snug fit.
• If the rod blank OD is SMALLER than the Grip ID, then the rod blank must be built up to achieve a snug fit. This can be done with the use of tape.
After this adjustment is made, the assembly (install and secure) of the grips to the rod blank is ready to be performed.

Can I keep my existing rod grips and use with Winn Products?

If removal of the existing rod grip is not desired, you can still experience the benefits of Winn Grip technology. We offer an overwrap that applies directly over existing rod grips. Please visit our ROD OVERWRAP section for detailed information.

How does Winn Grips perform in the rain, snow and cold weather or in hot, humid weather?

WinnDry polymer technology has been tested and proven to be superior over other traditional rod handles in terms of comfort and tacky performance. Elite anglers have tested and recognized Winn Grips to enhance their fishing experience under these extreme weather conditions.

How do I clean my Winn Grips?

To clean Winn grips, gently rub the grips with a wet soft towel. Never use a brush and soapy water to clean a Winn grip. This may scratch and damage the top surface thereby leading to the lost of the tacky performance to the grip’s polymer outer layer.

How can I purchase Winn Grips?

Please visit our dealer link on our website to locate a dealer in your area.

For any additional inquires, please visit or email customer service at