HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. – Europe’s largest fishing tackle show is the next stop for Winn Inc. on its 2014 barnstorming tour to spread awareness of its revolutionary rod grips.

“We already have second generation rod grips with improved functional attributes and even better aesthetics over some of the prototypes we brought to the tackle shows in China and Japan this winter,” said Dr. Ben Huang, Winn Inc.’s owner and founder. “We have expanded offerings in popular grips and sizes and created dynamic colors and patterns as well.”

Dr. Huang worked under “the father of rocket science,” Dr. Wernher Von Braun, in the development of the Saturn V rocket that took Apollo spacecraft to the moon and created the Graduate School of Aerospace Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology before turning his attention to the development of the advanced polymers now used on sports equipment and work tools the world over.

Winn revolutionized golf club dynamics with its grip innovations and has left a similar mark on tennis and bicycling with its patented polymers and design innovations. But Dr. Huang envisions even greater popularity for his grips in the world of fishing.

“In recent years, fishermen have enjoyed innovation in every component of the fishing rod except the seat of control – the handle,” said Dr. Huang. “It is already clear that our WinnDry polymer is even better suited to fishing conditions than it is to golf.”

Winn rod grips sparked an immediate response from custom rod builders who flood Winn offices regularly with questions, requests and orders to position themselves at the leading edge of rod building.

Winn offers its products for both O.E.M. and after-market purchase.

Performance advantage WinnDry puts non-slip performance, all-day comfort and supreme control in the angler’s hand. The advanced grip material resists moisture and maintains its tacky feel in rain, sleet and snow as well as the sweat of summer. The resultant feel and control deliver performance benefits that include longer and more accurate casts; superior sensitivity and responsiveness; and better control over big fish.

“Fishermen outnumber golfers by a wide margin, and they have so many types of rods to meet the demands of fish, conditions and techniques,” said Dr. Huang. “Our premium grips will bring rod makers and fishermen very obvious improvements over cork and EVA materials.”

Most Winn rod grips are two-layered, comprised of a lightweight EVA underlisting (inner layer) and outer layer of WinnDry polymer. Because they demand significantly lighter grip pressure, the grips improve the angler’s handling of the rod and reduce arm and shoulder stress.

The Design Edge WinnDry polymers offer boundless color options. Winn’s unique design technologies also generate unprecedented opportunity to match rod elements or create a “signature” look.

Advanced Vertical Seam (AVS) technology, is a patented single-panel wrapping feature that matches the edge of the polymer material over the corresponding underlisting edge to create a flat, perfectly sealed and nearly seamless edge.

Advanced Integration Technology (AIT) enables Winn to combine different materials, colors and grip textures into a single design that gives anglers a wide range of firmness options and a truly endless array of designs.

“Our grips bring fishermen the perfect blend of both function and fashion!” summed Dr. Huang.

For more information on Winn Rod Grips, see the Winn Grips Fishing website at: www.winngripsfishing.com.