A new era in fishing begins today with the official launch of Winn Custom Fishing Rod Grips!

Following a highly successful season previewing its products on the international tackle expo circuit, Winn comes to market with an unprecedented selection of innovative rod grips made from its patented WinnDry material and design technologies.

Winn rod grips are the creation of Dr. Ben Huang, whose work in advanced polymers revolutionized golf club grips and had major impact on the sports of tennis and bicycling.

“We have introduced a broad line of rod grips with improved functional attributes and even more attractive appearance than the prototypes we tested last winter and spring,” said Dr. Huang, the sports-inspired scientist who worked under “the father of rocket science,” Dr. Wernher Von Braun, in the development of the Saturn V rocket that took Apollo spacecraft to the moon. “We have a wider range of sizes in popular grip designs now, and, of course, colors and grip textures that the tackle industry has never seen before.”

The all-weather tacky feel and performance characteristics of the rod grips that he and his R&D team have fashioned for fishermen have him hopeful that Winn’s tackle industry venture will be the most successful yet.

“Fishermen have benefitted from innovations in every component of the fishing rod except the seat of control – the handle,” said Dr. Huang. “When I realized the conditions that fishermen face, it became clear that WinnDry polymer is even better suited to fishing than it is to golf. And there are far more fishermen than golfers!”

Winn rod grips are available to custom rod builders and retailers as well as for O.E.M purchase.

For more information on Winn Rod Grips, see the Winn Grips Fishing website at: