Winn Inc. has partnered with Mud Hole Custom Tackle to sell its full line of premium fishing rod grips.

Now fishermen and rod makers at every level will be able to purchase Winn products and enjoy the performance and design benefits of Winn rod grips!

Winn rod grips are made from the patented WinnDry polymer, developed by Dr. Ben Huang, who worked with Wernher Von Braun in the development of the Saturn V rocket that took American astronauts to the moon. Winn rod grips maintain their tacky feel and aid angler comfort and control even through rain and snow and temperature extremes.

As you know, CRBG members have taken special interest in the launch of Winn’s colorful array of multi-textured rear grips, split grips, fly rod grips, saltwater grips and other specialty fishing rod grips. Winn supplied test sample grips to attendees of the guild’s rod building workshop in Fort Worth, Texas, last spring as well as to select readers of RodCrafters Journal who had volunteered to build rods with the Winn grips.

RCJ reported on Winn’s market entry last spring and showcased rod projects employing Winn grips in the fourth quarter 2014 issue.

“Winn appreciates the valuable feedback from guild members,” said Mike Coelho, national sales manager. “Now, thanks to our distributors, custom rod builders everywhere will have access to Winn rod grips.”

All three distributors will carry the full line of Winn rod grips currently available as well as new products scheduled for 2015 release.

Mud Hole Custom Tackle (, with a 15,000 square foot facility in Oviedo, Fla., lays claim to being the world’s largest supplier of tackle crafting supplies. It provides rod-building supplies to small rod manufacturers, hobbyists and large OEMs around the world. Phone 1-866-790-7637 or 1-407-447-7637.

For more information on Winn Rod Grips, see the Winn Grips Fishing website at: